Best Ductless Air Conditioner in Whittier, CA

Best Ductless Air ConditionerWith the best ductless air conditioner in Whittier, CA you can get your recently added sunroom or your old garage the cool air it needs. This system can also be ideal for those who want to cool multiple rooms in their home and avoid the hassle that comes with having ductwork. In fact, many owners of historic homes rely on these units. The best mini split AC systems can provide virtual whole-house cooling for an affordable price.

This is how a mini-split, or ductless AC, works. It’s a heat pump, so it generates cool air by transferring heat from your space and releasing it outside. The air handler absorbs the heat into the refrigerant line. The heat then travels through the refrigerant to the compressor outside, which releases it. Unlike a traditional heat pump, one air handler cools one room, not a whole house.

Whittier’s Best Mini Split AC

One of the advantages of a mini-split is that it’s easy to install. The three components we mentioned above will take up little space. The air handler is compact and can hang nicely on any wall or ceiling, while the compressor can lie as far as 50 feet away from it. The piping for the refrigerant only needs a hole of three inches to pass through into your home.

Now, the up-front cost for a mini-split can be high, but it will repay you not long after installation.

The following are some benefits of owning a mini-split:
  • Energy-efficient performance for decades
  • Significant savings on your energy bill
  • Variable-speed operation
  • Multi-zone cooling and directional airflow

Fixing Ductless Mini SplitYou probably know how ducts, especially when not sealed and insulated, let a lot of their cool air out before it does a home any good. You can eliminate all of this waste with mini-splits because the air handlers blow all that air right into your space. And you can adjust the thermostat for each air handler according to your temperature preference.

The immediate savings you’ll experience can be reason enough to purchase the best ductless air conditioner in Whittier. But you’ll save in the long run, too, by not requiring so many repairs each year. Mini-splits can last up to 30 years with yearly maintenance.

Best Ductless Air Conditioner in Whittier

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