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How to Find the Most Efficient Heating System for Your Home

Staying warm and cozy is crucial during the winter. Installing a highly effective, reasonably priced heating system can provide your family with the most comfort for the least amount of…... Read Article

Why Invest in a Water Filtration System?

Water is a building block of life. Without access to clean, safe water to drink and use, you are in danger of developing potentially life-threatening conditions resulting from pathogens in…... Read Article

What Is a Furnace Humidifier and How Does It Work

A furnace humidifier works as a whole-house humidifier that connects to your HVAC system and moistens the air throughout your home. You can choose from a variety of different types…... Read Article

Proper Placement For Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors are a vital defense against potential gas leaks in the home. Most furnaces today are gas-based, which means you're more likely to experience leaks when the home…... Read Article

How to Know if Your Air Conditioner Fan Needs a Speed Adjustment

There are many factors that affect the performance of the air conditioner in your Whittier, California home. Just as the size of your air conditioner matters, its fan speed setting…... Read Article

Top Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Squeaking

Do you hear a squeaking noise when you turn on your air conditioning unit? If so, read along to find out why that happens. Your air conditioner needs to function…... Read Article

5 Common AC Compressor Issues

The compressor is one of the essential components in your air conditioner. In fact, experts refer to this part as the heart of the cooling system because the unit cannot…... Read Article

Everything You Need to Know About HVAC Dampers and Their Capabilities

Installing either manual or automated HVAC dampers in your Whittier, CA home will greatly increase both the flexibility and the adaptability of your entire HVAC system. Dampers are excellent additions…... Read Article

Portable Air Conditioners: How they Work

Air conditioners are often a topic of discussion during the summer months, and for a good reason. They keep your home or office cool and comfortable, even on the hottest…... Read Article

7 Tips for Avoiding a Leaking Faucet

7 Tips for Avoiding a Leaking Faucet Leaky faucets are not just annoying. They can waste up to 10 gallons of water per day! A leaking faucet can also cause…... Read Article

An Overview of a Toilet Fill Valve

A fill valve on a typical toilet is usually not a complex feature. It is a tube containing a shutoff valve, and it is attached to the water source through…... Read Article

What Furnace Filter is Right For Your Home?

When it comes to replacing your furnace filter for the first time, you likely have a lot of questions. Apart from getting the model number, there are many other factors…... Read Article

Top Indications That Your Home Has a Sewage Backup

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare. The sewage that’s meant to go down your pipes ends up coming back up into your home. This is not only a smelly and disgusting…... Read Article

6 Reasons Why You Smell Burning Odors From Your Heater

As the winter season arrives in Whittier, CA, you’ll find yourself turning to your furnace to provide relief from the chilly air. If you notice a burning smell coming from…... Read Article

A Guide on What to Do When the Heat Goes Out

A homeowner’s worst nightmare is having their heating system go out on a cold winter’s night. While you likely don’t want to think about this happening, it’s a good idea…... Read Article

Welcome to Our Newly Designed Site

We’re So Pleased That Our Tails Are Wagging Hello, loyal friend! If you’re visiting our site for the first time in a while, you may notice things look a little…... Read Article