Heating, HVAC & Plumber in Temple City, CA

Make our team at Spot On your trusted resource for air conditioning, ventilation, and heating in Temple City, CA. With LA County’s diverse climate ranging from sweltering summers to occasional chilly nights, maintaining a reliable and well-functioning HVAC system becomes crucial for residents. Our comprehensive services cater to the diverse needs of our customers, ensuring their comfort and convenience. Whether it’s installing energy-efficient air conditioning systems to beat the heat, providing reliable heating solutions for those chilly evenings, or addressing plumbing issues, our skilled professionals are here to serve you.

Exceptional HVAC Solutions

Whenever your HVAC system breaks down, you need someone you can count on to fix it correctly. That’s where we come in. Our skilled technicians are ready to provide prompt and reliable repairs, ensuring that your system is up and running smoothly again in no time. From fixing air conditioning units and furnaces to performing regular maintenance that keeps an HVAC system in optimal condition, we handle a wide range of services. We’ll inspect, clean, and tune up your equipment, maximizing its efficiency and life span. Our goal is to create a comfortable and energy-efficient environment in your home, helping you stay cool in the summer and warm during the winter months.

We offer a wide range of reliable HVAC services.
  • Heating installation, repair, and maintenance
  • Air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance
  • Indoor air quality testing and equipment installation
  • Insulation inspection and installation
  • Ductwork repair and replacement
  • Indoor air balancing
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Plumbing Solutions in Temple City

Whether you’re dealing with leaky pipes, clogged drains, or a plumbing emergency, Spot On has you covered. Our experienced plumbers can address a wide range of concerns. We’ll detect and fix leaks, ensuring that you avoid potential water damage and costly repairs. Our team can handle drain cleaning to keep your pipes flowing and prevent inconvenient backups. From installing new fixtures to repairing plumbing systems, we provide comprehensive services tailored to your needs. We understand the importance of a properly functioning plumbing system for your daily routine.

You can count on us for a wide range plumbing services.
  • Water heater installation and repair
  • Drain cleaning
  • Sewer repair
  • Water filtration

Although it may be tempting to tackle issues on your own in an attempt to save some money, venturing into the world of DIY can quickly turn into a nightmare. Plumbing systems are complex, requiring specialized knowledge and experience. What may seem like a simple fix can escalate into a major disaster. Instead of risking your time, money, and peace of mind, it’s best to leave these tasks to our professionals. They have the right tools, knowledge, and experience to diagnose issues and provide reliable solutions.

Premier Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing

With a solid track record for over a decade, we’ve established Spot On as a trusted name in the industry. The certified and licensed experts on our team have undergone extensive training, and they have the experience to handle intricate systems with precision. From installations and repairs to maintenance and emergency services, we have the expertise to handle it all. We’ll provide you with service that ensures your home remains comfortable and problem-free.

For top-notch heating, cooling, and plumbing services in Temple City, contact us at Spot On today.