Best Ductless Air Conditioner in La Habra, CA

Best Ductless Air ConditionerIf you need a system to supplement your central AC or replace it, then you’ll want a reliable ductless air conditioner in La Habra, CA. Ductless units, also known as mini-splits, can fit a wide range of situations. Some get one to cool a room addition or an outbuilding. The best mini-split AC, since it can hook up eight air handlers to one compressor, stands out as a viable alternative to ducted AC. This is important for those who own a historic home that can’t support ductwork. There are many ways a mini-split can benefit you.

Best Mini-Split AC Service

Being essentially a heat pump without ducts, a mini-split has the usual three components: air handler, compressor, and refrigerant line. The air handler, though, is a compact device that you would hang in the room it’s meant to cool, and the refrigerant line can snake its way in with only a 3-inch hole that the technician would make in your wall. The compressor lies outside, and you can put a maximum of 50 feet of distance between it and a given air handler. This lets you put the compressor, a bulky item, in a discreet area.

The advantages of owning a mini-split are as follows:
  • Major savings due to lack of ductwork
  • Energy-efficient performance for years to come
  • The possibility of multi-zone cooling
  • Improved comfort thanks to directional airflow

Fixing Ductless Mini SplitAny homeowner with central AC knows that ducts can leak out a lot of cool air, leading to longer cycles and sometimes uneven results between rooms and floors. Having multiple mini-splits will prevent this. You’ll save each month on your bill. You’ll also avoid repairs since mini-splits are highly durable. With proper maintenance, a mini-split can last up to 30 years.

Mini-splits have their own thermostat, which will prove beneficial if your family members have different temperature preferences. There’s also the fact that air handlers can run in variable-speed mode. This means that rather than switch on and off, the system can slow down and speed up throughout the day, maintaining indoor comfort in an efficient way.

La Habra’s Best Ductless Air Conditioner

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